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Presidents Letter

  • Women in the Golf Industry is about you.

  • Women in the Golf Industry is about us.
  • Women in the Golf Industry is about you, me, us…connecting, supporting, and including all women in the golf industry.

I am inviting you to join us on our mission to connect and empower women who are involved in any aspect of the game and business of golf.  

Women in the Golf Industry (WIGI) began in 2001 with 11 founders who had a vision.  Women needed then, and equally as vital today, a positive platform to connection and to create a stronger voice.

This last year has brought us new challenges and yet opened doors of new ways to connect and collaborate.  With that in mind, WIGI has two new programs that are already reaping benefits for our members and guests. Alternate monthly calls of “Getting to Know You”, where members find out more about each other, ask questions, and make connections strengthening what they are already doing in the industry.  “WIGI-pedia” is our go-to educational series highlighting Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) from within our industry, with focus on current subjects of interest to enlighten, engage, and inform.

After 20 years, now in 2021, we are committed to continue that mission with even more zest!  Using our connections, we can harness the talent, creativity, energy, ingenuity, fortitude, and down-right grit to come together to share, collaborate, and most importantly support each other.

We want you and every member to join us on the ride. It’s time to use our connections.  It’s time to exercise women power as we help empower others as well as ourselves!

Let’s stay connected,


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