WIGI Lunch & Learn Series with Vivian Sayward

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Building & Maintaining Strong Relationships with Your Network with Vivian Sayward of Vivacity Sportswear

A fantastic session with Vivian Sayward sharing her experience with building and maintaining her network. She offered great insight and ideas to expand your network. There was wonderful dialog with the participants, which is what these sessions are all about – an opportunity to connect and learn.

I define “Network” broadly as vendor base to customer base, and everyone in between.

We will discuss some key points including:

  • Ask questions – and really listen to their responses.

  • Make your vendors/customers feel like they are part of your team – because they are!

  • Allow them to take part in the company’s journey by updating them on your progress.

  • Spread the love – support your network.

Download Vivian’s Powerpoint Presentation
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