WIGI Lunch & Learn Series with Lisa Love

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Mindfulness for Golf with Lisa Love, CNS

Key Takeaway Points with link to recording

Learn how to master your attitude on and off the course so you can be at your best and enter the zone more frequently, by applying simple principles of mindful awareness to your game and everyday life.

We will discuss three ways to incorporate mindfulness to improve the quality of your game:

  • Be Present – Powerful, simple ways to place your attention on what you’re doing to generate relaxed awareness

  • Be Smart – how to focus your awareness in ways that will enhance your performance and shift your mindset from negative to neutral, and from neutral to neutral-positive.

  • Be Better – how to use adversity for personal growth and stop battering yourself for mistakes

Download Lisa’s 10 Attitudes of Mindful Awareness
Download and Listen to Lisa Love’s Mindfulness for Golf

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