Kathy Bissell receives the 2016 President’s Award

Christina RicciGolf Media, Women & Golf

Kathy Bissell received the prestigious Women in the Golf Industry President’s Award Thursday evening at the Citrus Club hosted by Club Corp and EWGA. Christina Ricci, WIGI president presented the award. Kathy Bissell began her professional career in advertising as an ad agency copywriter in Ohio, which seemed like the logically path having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and … Read More

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News You Can Use when Writing a Press Release

Emmy Moore MinisterEducational Resources, Golf Media

Crafting the perfect press release is considered by some – an art – and what follows is a boost in your PR and marketing efforts. If you are not an artist, here are 7 tips to get your press release up to par. 1. Be concise. It will increase the chance of your news release being read. 2. Keep it to one page. … Read More

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Another Solheim 2015 Opinion by Kay McMahon

Kay McMahonGolf Media, Women & Golf

The Solheim Cup is the women’s equivalent to the men’s Ryder Cup, where the USA versus Europe’s top golf professionals compete in a three day match play format that stirs nationalism on both sides of the Atlantic in this biennial event. Yet controversy seems to be the talk of the globe in this Solheim 2015 event. Everyone seems to have an … Read More

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